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family times

so, coming back to manhap’ (manhattan,ks) is always hit or miss. no matter what, i hate being in manhattan. it’s a very sensory place for me, and i feel too much, i see too many, and i hate too much … Continue reading

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sad dreams

I woke up with such a pain in my heart. I had a dream that I could no longer handle staying in Kansas, and decided to, despite the restrictions I have on my health insurance, to apply to the University … Continue reading

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organ update

Every so often, I’ll go to different websites and read up on the recent literature on liver transplants and biliary atresia. Really, none of the information about biliary atresia changes, because it’s a pediatric disease (meaning, either you die as … Continue reading

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tiny dancer

Something I haven’t been, but should have been talking about more frequently is the health care reform. As many (hopefully all!) of you know, Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962) passed in the House on November 8th, 220 … Continue reading

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Variations on the Word Love -Margaret Atwood

This is a word we use to plug holes with. It’s the right size for those warm blanks in speech, for those red heart- shaped vacancies on the page that look nothing like real hearts. Add lace and you can … Continue reading

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Alex (my boyfriend) is an awesome photographer who works at the Lawrence Journal-World, has interned at the Topeka Capitol Journal, and works for the University Daily Kansan (the University of Kansas school newspaper). He and I have worked on a … Continue reading

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