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two things, mostly

1) I love love love Neil Diamond, and fuck anyone who doesn’t. Listen to this song, “Mr. Bojangles.” Growing up, when my family I finished dinner, we’d all gather in the living room, and my dad would play music for … Continue reading

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and now, i can finally breathe

So, finally I have finished all of my finals for this semester. Incidentally, it will be my last finals week ever. The Social Welfare department at KU doesn’t do finals, instead anything we have due, is due the WEEK before … Continue reading

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this is not where i thought i would be

somethings are better, but most things are not. i just thought things would be easier by now.

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so far

i’m failing miserably at being vegetarian. i had steak for dinner last night.

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dresses i would like to own (and like to be able to fit my boobs into, also)

these are some dresses i would like (in reply to bri’s post). many of these (mostly the button-downed type) will NOT fit by boobs (or my budget). also, i love bows. so, this is in dream land: 1. how sexy … Continue reading

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this is the most wonderful of days

all of my social work classes are done. thank GOD. we had a potluck for ariana’s research class. then some of the ladies went and got drinks before toni’s practice class. i just thought i’d share a picture of these … Continue reading

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i thought i should just quickly add:

i am fucking DONE with toni’s paper. that’s right, SUCK IT TONI. actually, i love her, but i am very glad i’m done with this shit. all i have left is my final exams. well, so i should probably start…reading … Continue reading

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for my new vegetarian ways:

Red Beans and Rice (From Cooking Light) Ingredients Rice (which I make in my rice cooker. I only make jasmine rice, because I am a rice elitest) 1 cup (or whatever) frozen red, yellow and green bell pepper mix (or … Continue reading

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it’s just the lack of time!

i’m sorry i’ve been so infrequent in my postings. i know you all have been dying to hear what all i’ve been doing. so, here we go: i have decided to go vegetarian. well, technically, ovo-lacto pescetarian (meaning, i’ll have … Continue reading

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