Today is the best day in the world. I have finally finished my 3 substance abuse papers (one 5-7 pg, and two 3-4 pg papers) which were given no due date, which made them nearly impossible to time manage, despite the easy nature of the subject matter. Additionally, I have completed my Policy Impact on Agency paper, for which I wrote about VAWA (The Violence Against Women Act) of 1994. Incredibly interesting, but again, I’m not sure how I feel about the way I am learning about policy currently. What does this really mean? This means I have absolutely nothing to do until after fall break (unless I want to work ahead). That is the most relieving feeling ever.

All of this justly due relaxation comes at a perfect time. For those of you who do not know, after being released from the hospital, I was taken off meds (even the prophylactic antibiotics I’ve used since I was about 10), to see whether or not I had really improved or if the infection was simply hiding. In this process, either as a reaction to the antibiotic I was on, or further liver damage, many of my liver enzymes (ALT and AST for those of you who would like to research) had increased. As of last Friday (Oct 2nd) I was put back on antibiotics (zosyn) on what they call a 24 hour continuous infusion pump. This means since that Friday I have been connected to this adorable (not) machine and a bag of medicine 24 hours a day, except to shower and change clothes. It makes this awesome (also, not) noise when it infuses medicine into my blood that sounds like taking a camera taking a picture. It must always be with me. Needless to say, I have been incredibly stressed, and due to this I took a mental health day off of school on Monday, which allowed me to get so much accomplished (including much needed sleep). Other awesome things that have happened due to this include not being able to digest ANYTHING and losing hair. Obviously, I am in the best of moods. Supposedly, I will be taken off of meds next Friday (Oct 16), but as my levels have not actually decreased I am unsure as to what this means.

I am lucky. My practicum instructor at MOCSA is one of the most understanding people I have met, and our personalities mesh completely. Because of this, I am being given a lot of room to work around my illness (including leaving my internship early to get a CT scan done at almost no previous notice–for either myself nor my practicum), which has been a relief. I haven’t been volunteering as much as I would have liked, but as soon as this liver catastrophe calms down, hopefully I’ll be able to start doing that again. Anyway, this was a whole lot of information about something that may have been completely uninteresting, however, it does account for the explanation for why I haven’t written in such a long time. Hope all are well.

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3 Responses to reeeeelax

  1. keighty says:

    Are you kidding? EXTREMELY interesting. You are so fantastic! Doing an internship on top of a full course load is ridiculously stressful, and on top of it all, you’re dealing with your medical stuff AND your mind is on volunteering? That’s amazing! Do you know how wonderful you are? Because you are absolutely delightful, and you’re one of the strongest people I know.

    Keep fighting, Megh! And we do need to do that lunch– I imagine you’re not on campus on Thursdays (your classes are MW, methinks)– but we should get together over winter break and do lunch. Yes?

  2. updated! i think you’ll appreciate this one

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