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It’s so wonderful to love what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life. At this point, I find most of my classwork redundant and uninteresting, which is bothersome. However, I love love love my practicum, and am excited I will be doing this for the next year.

So far, I’ve answered the crisis line, which is still unnerving every single time. However, most of the time it’s about information in the community. When it’s a survivor of sexual assault, I mostly talk about the services we provide and help direct him/her (although its all been females so far) to setting up appointments for group/individual therapy. I have yet to get a call that activates us for hospital/rape advocacy. That will be very intense.

Friday I drove to Independence, MO (really fucking far away) to give presentations to fourth graders about good, bad, and confusing touches. I was nervous, because I find that a) I was never very good at being a child and b) I have a hard time relating to small children. However, it was a lot of fun. It helped that the person training me was also a ton of fun.

At one point in the presentation, we have to ask the children if they can name one safe grown-up they could tell if they were having touching issues. And one of the children said, “Well, you know, my dog is always with me, and she protects me.” To which I said, “Well, that’s great that they help keep you safe, but we should probably find a grownup we can trust.” And another child adds, “Well, I have a pit bull and a golden retriever, and a lab, and you know, they bite people if they come too near.” To which I had to say, “Well, biting is not a good touch, so we should try to find a grownup we can tell.” Oh my god, so funny/cute.

I could really see this being a place I work for a living. MOCSA is such a supportive place to be. Everyone is very loving and friendly, and helpful. I cannot think of a better place to have a first practicum. I’ve already heard some horror stories, and I am not envious at all. Another benefit is that MOCSA will pretty much give me the opportunity to do anything I would like to do within their agency. Seriously, I LOVE IT.

Things I do not love: $ on gas, school (and stupid school work), this stupid central line in my arm (robot arms). However, good news is that my liver levels are going down–I’m on the road to recovery. Another thing I love is Yokohama sushi. Have I mentioned that they have happy hour (starting at 9 pm Sunday-Wednesday, 10 pm Thursday-Saturday), where if you spend $5 at the bar, you can get a variety of rolls for prices ranging from $2.99-$4.99 (appetizers $1.99!). Oh my god, it’s the best thing ever. Also, I made an 80’s music playlist, and that is ALSO the best thing ever.

Okay, I think I’ve finished my much needed update.

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