list of things to do (already)

SW610: Social Work Practice Seminar I

  • Read Chp. 1-2 (The Skills of Helping Individuals, Families, Groups and Communities textbook)

SW632: Substance Abuse & Social Work Practice

  • Quiz (due friday at noon)
  • Presentations on hallucinogens with Lauren & Justin (including ketamine, salvia, and dextramethrophan)
  • Read both Straussner articles (“The role of social workers in the treatment of addictions: A brief history” & “Social Work Values Excerpt”)
  • Write addictions journal entry
  • Read Chp. 2 (Substance abuse: Interventions for school counselors, social workers, therapists, and counselors textbook)

SW620: Social Policy and Program Analysis I

  • Read Chp. 1 (Foundations of Social Policy-Social Justice in Human Perspective textbook)
  • Read Linhorst article (“Federalism and social justice: Implications for social work”)
  • Read Morris article (“The Capabilities Perspective: A Framework for Social Justice”)
  • Read Reynolds article (“Social Work & Social Living: Explorations in Philosophy & Practice”)
  • Real Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Not to mention, I start my internship in Kansas City next week dealing with sexual assault for 16 hrs. a week. Oh my god.

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One Response to list of things to do (already)

  1. Ann-uh-bell says:

    Yes. Please visit. As much as possible.

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