like vs. dislike

things i dislike

  • how god awful hot it is outside (and not having central air)
  • how i want to keep growing my hair out, but i’m sick of it already, but i know if i cut it, it’ll curl out like carol brady (which i hate, hate, hate!)
  • money issues (ie never having enough)
  • people who go to see shows who have only heard a band’s latest album (how elitest of me. normally, this doesn’t bother me, but my favorite band metric played last friday, and most people just knew the newest album, which is not the best. LAME.)
  • how incredibly busy this summer has been
  • how i’m three or so weeks behind on my online economics class from jccc. …already.
  • not seeing people nearly enough

things i like

  • 23rd street brewery
  • leaving for Houston next week (finally vacation!)
  • international academic publisher, vdm publishing house ltd., asking my mom to publish her doctoral thesis, “educational experiences and academic achievement of asian indian american students in a midwestern university town in the united states: a multiple case study” into a book (which you can read here, if you wish, specifically the dedication—where i’m mentioned!)!
  • watching seasons upon seasons of weeds
  • finishing season 5 of house, m.d. (hugh laurie, what a SEXY man)
  • sleeeeeep (i’m not nearly getting enough)
  • fall weather coming soon (but not soon enough)
  • making a promise to myself to see everyone and everything in the month of july (tiffany, bri, lauren, philly!).

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