and now, i can finally breathe

So, finally I have finished all of my finals for this semester. Incidentally, it will be my last finals week ever. The Social Welfare department at KU doesn’t do finals, instead anything we have due, is due the WEEK before everyone else’s finals. So, we get to relax, and breathe. I think I did fine on mine, but honestly, I don’t care, it’s over! One more year, and I’m done with undergrad, two more years, and I’ll be done with a masters. BOOYAH.

So, Alex and I are going to his sister’s wedding at the end of the month. For the wedding, I bought this dress, which was on clearance at Target. Let me know what you think. I’m unsure of the color, but the fit is pretty nice. Oh, and I’m tying the tie in a BIG bow in the front.

Okay, mini update DONE!

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5 Responses to and now, i can finally breathe

  1. keighty says:

    What master’s program are you doing? You’re not shooting for the advanced standing?

    • mchakrabarti says:

      No, I am doing Advanced Standing. ! year left of BSW, 1 year of Masters = 2 years. I see now why you thought I wasn’t. It’s confusing.

      But yes, MSW. I’m not sure clinical or SWAAP yet, but I’m thinking clinical. I have a research job, and it’s boring.

  2. keighty says:

    And I heart the dress. I think the color will look uh-may-zing on you.

  3. Brianna says:

    i agree the color and cut are both going to look awesome

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