it’s just the lack of time!

i’m sorry i’ve been so infrequent in my postings. i know you all have been dying to hear what all i’ve been doing. so, here we go:

  • i have decided to go vegetarian. well, technically, ovo-lacto pescetarian (meaning, i’ll have eggs, milk and fish. well, milk only for cereal, and i don’t drink it anyway!). i have decided to do such because the easiest time i had in my life controlling my weight was when i was vegetarian. and frankly, i don’t really like meat. wellllll, except for steak. fuck, i LOVE steak. …i might still sneak that in. (shhh, don’t tell anyone). i’m not doing it for the animal rights perspective, but i guess it’s a benefit.
  • i’m almost done with my pre-finals homework. ie, the GIANT list of shit i had listed in the previous entry. all i have left is toni’s video presentation paper. grrrrh.
  • i’m excited to move next year! i’m moving back into the old fourplex (bum central, if you will), but i’m living downstairs this time. i’m excited to be living with the BF. all we still need is couches, and a bed (we both have twin beds, and i’m just not doing that anymore).
  • summer; what this means: sleeping, working out, veggie dinners, long drives, bees!, work, online ECON class, relaxxxxxing, 30 hours training at MOCSA (june 1-13), alex’s sister’s wedding, more more more. i’m so excited. i just wish i liked summer clothes (i don’t).

i’m growing out my hair. at least in this moment, i am. it’s so long!
that’s all for now.

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One Response to it’s just the lack of time!

  1. Annie says:

    Big stingy!

    Flying death monkeys!

    I miss you. We should have a big veggie dinner.

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