things i have to do, oh my god.

  • SW 510 Take Home Test (Due April 21)
  • Western Civ Paper (Due May 6th, 6 pages)
  • SW 510 Case Management Powerpoint & Presentation (Due April 21st)
  • SW 510 Video presentation (Due May 5th)
  • SW 510 Video presentation write-up (Due May 5th, 7 pages + references page)
  • SW 510 Extra Credit Write-Up (1 page)
  • SW 532 Communities Paper (Due May 5th) –>10 pages long!
  • Psych 333 Final
  • Western Civ Final

God, when will this semester end?! Seriously, damn Toni and all her projects. I love her class, but, ugh! So much to do in the next two weeks. Also, damn Botkin for assigning my western civ paper yesterday. No word of it ALL semester, until yesterday. Bitches.

This semester could not end soon enough.

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2 Responses to things i have to do, oh my god.

  1. Brianna says:

    soooo so so so so so agreed. good luck

  2. katie says:

    I LOVE Toni. Seriously. Just reading that, amidst all your frustration, made me smile. I actually just threw out my video from her class today– it was still in my car trunk after all this time. Crazy! Good luck!

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