human sexuality in everyday life

So I’ve decided to take the “Human Sexuality in Everyday Life” class taught by professor emeritus Dr. Dennis Dailey. He’s a former social work professor, and the class has stunning reviews. I’m really excited about it. It’s a non-credit class taken for $35 at the ECM (Ecumenical Christian Ministries). I think I’m going to write out my notes that I’ve taken and see if that sparks any discussions, and/or, just as a reference point for myself. the class is designed, as Dr. Dailey says himself,

“a focus on how sexual development has occurred thus far in their [college-aged folks’] lives, how it is presently being experienced and expressed, and what might occur in the continuous development of healthy adult sexuality.

…the perspective taken in this course is a developmental one that views the physical, psycho-social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human sexuality as integrative and essential to a full understanding and a healthy expression. three primary questions will be the focus for students:

1) How did I get to be the sexual being I am today, for good or ill?

2) Am I satisfied with the present state of my attitudes and knowledge about sexuality, and its expression in my life?

3) Do I want my adult sexuality to be characterized by sexual health and growth towards optimizing my potential as a human being?”

We spend the first several weeks focusing on defining Human Sexuality, then move onto Physiology & Anatomy, then the Human Sexual Response Cycle, Masturbation, Homosexuality, Heterosexuality, and Dyadic Relationships.

Okay, here are my notes. Feel free to discuss, or let me know how you feel.

Sexual Assumptions

  • Every human being is a sexual, erotic being from the moment they are born, until they die. They are never NOT a sexual, erotic being.
  • Sexual Experiences should be positive, which means they do not involve shame or guilt
  • All sex and discussion will be done from a non-sexist perspective

Contemporary Sexual Definition (as defined by current cultural sexual perspective):  [Sex = Fuck] + [asexualized]

asexualized: periods where a human is NOT a sexual being, such as during childhood or old age, when disabled (needs accessibility), etc. This is in comparison to the sexual assumption that all humans are sexual during EVERY moment of their life.


  • Physicality vs. emotionality
  • Everyone as room to grow in sexual dimension (ongoing growth)
  • Definition of Sensuality: Need (universal) & ability (variable) to be aware of, in touch with, and accepting of our bodies, in fullness and richness; and to be aware of, in touch with, and accepting of the bodies¬† of others in fullness and richness in ALL MATTERS SEXUAL.
    • aware of: knowledgeable/body aware, constantly embodied
    • in touch with: own all embodiment as own
    • accepting of: no alienation against genitals or bodies
  • Sensual/Erotic line very fine, depends on definition of those involved

Attraction Template

  • Definition: an outline of what is in your environment that makes one fairly easily sexually attracted to
    • learned very early
    • mostly physical characteristics (smell touch, stance, movement)
    • sensual part of attraction
    • develops through peer relationships & fantasy
    • learned behavior
    • developed very young [well in place by age 8]
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