diversity blog?

So, for my SW 532 class (Community and Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior), I have to write a diversity blog. In this blog, I write over the semester about a group profoundly different from myself. This is the entry. You don’t have to read it. It’s interesting though.

I think that it’s an interesting concept to have to write a blog about a group profoundly different than yourself. It makes you think of what aspects of yourself you want to counter, if that makes sense. For example, I’m Indian. That means I could, technically, write about any other race other than myself. But am I profoundly DIFFERENT than those races? Don’t I have eyes and arms and legs and teeth? Aren’t I the same species, with the same goal in mind: survival (at least as long as we can, with, hopefully minimal disturbance to everything else on Earth). Don’t we fall asleep to the same sky, and wake up to the same sun? As sappy as that is, I think I believe it. I think people spend too much time, racially, focusing on the differences (and letting it control every aspect, politically, socially, economically, etc etc). With that in mind, I think since people DO differentiate so much racially, it’s IMPERATIVE to be culturally competent, and even more so, to focus on equality, on every level. Maybe, on some level, not all humans are created equal, but at least they should have the same opportunities to achieve, if they should choose.

Now that I’ve gone off on that random rant/tangent, let’s get to the point. I’ve decided to examine Mormonism. I’ve chosen this for several reasons. Let’s list them.

  1. They’re a religious group. I’m a self-proclaimed agnostic. What I mean by this is, REALLY I’m an atheist. But, as my dad has always put it, being an atheist is just as much of a burden as being a believer. Those who believe cannot PROVE the existence of god, and those who do not believe, cannot DISPROVE the existence of god. So, while I don’t believe, I have far better things to do that take the burden of needing to disprove the existence of god.
  2. They’re a VERY religious group (this is more an add on to the previous reason). I am VERY not religious. I grew up with parents who had parents (ie my grandparents) on both sides who were very Hindu. My parents, however, are also atheist (and so is my thirteen year old sister, but I’m not sure if she knows what she’s getting herself into!). My father is a physicist, and thusly, if I ever had a question about the world that “god” might be able to answer, I didn’t need to search for “god”. I got perfectly reasonable, logical, explainable answers from my father. And my mother is too busy, to rational, to full to need god. This is not meant to insult anyone. I just think god fills a hole. I have too many holes for “god” to fill.
  3. Mormons get a bad rap. While I don’t really understand the concept of organized religion (much less a belief in god, well I understand reasons why one might believe, I just can’t get myself to), I don’t think it’s reasonable to completely write off a religion for being crazy (in so many words), before disregarding it.
  4. I have a very good friend who is incredibly intelligent, loving and understanding who converted to Mormonism when we were in high school. I never understood it. I think I’d like to try. …I probably still won’t.
  5. This is a group of people that even most Christians have problems with. This amuses me.

Okay, this is my long rant. I’ll add more later, and begin doing research.

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