let me tell you a little bit about what i’m doing

i’m doing so much good.
okay, first, let’s go to the job.

the job is a social work research assistant position. i will be doing research on parent support specialist (PSS) services, a family-driven parent-to-parent support model utilized statewide in the kansas behavioral health system of care, funded by medic-aid. this means driving around western kansas (and some southern kansas, mostly parsons), to mental health facilities, in order to analyze how well this program is doing (done by surveys, interview schedules, in a mixed-methods research project).

you can go here, for more info.

i haven’t really kept up to date on my volunteering either. like i said, i’m volunteering for WTCS, in a program called OARS. OARS stands for: Orientation, Assessment, Referral, Safety. OARS’ mission is to “reduce the employment barrier of domestic violence and sexual assault by enhancing the safety of abused families receiving temporary assistance to families (federal program TANF, called TAF in kansas).

OARS is a special, voluntary program for families needing assistance from SRS and an alternative to traditional work requirements.

OARS is a program based on a TANF/TAF recipient’s needs with the goals of safety and self-sufficiency. while in OARS, advocates may help a client with safety planning, shelter, support groups, counseling, court, economic advocacy, and when ready, help with goals related to work or training.

you can find out more info on OARS, here.

okay, update over.

PS: all i have left to do is my western civ final. thank god.

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