stupid stupid stupid

to the girl in my western civ class, allie mc-stupid-ass, no one has ANY idea what the fuck you’re saying, because every other word (actually, i’ve been counting) is “like.”


seriously, if you take out the “likes” from her statements, they don’t make coherent or complete sentences. it’s absolutely fucking awful.

commenting on really stupid things:

i saw a girl on campus in a pink shirt that just said, “palin ’08.” women who are pro-palin make so disgusted. they are a disgrace to women everywhere, turning women’s rights back at least half a century, and ugh!

do these people KNOW what they’re voting for?
(the scary answer, i think, is yes, they do. which means they’re informed* about what they’re voting about, and gasp! they agree with mccain/palin)

*informed, as in like maybe 1% are. informed voters are hard to find. so i guess, informed in the sense that they have a general idea of conservative politics, specifically the women’s conservative health care movement yada yada…

ps: why are people conservative? like i understand (on some level, but you know, not personally), why people are fiscally conservative, but i have a really hard time understanding how people can be socially conservative. it’s so…


pps: the palin/couric spoof on snl!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “SNL Palin Couric Interview 27 Septemb…“, posted with vodpod

ppps: the palin/clinton spoof on snl!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod
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