i really love this major. i love all the things i am going to be able to do with it. i think i casually mentioned it, but i began volunteering at jubilee café last friday. despite it absolutely pouring, and being 5:45 in the morning, when i arrived, i really enjoyed the experience. it was so…rewarding. and not in the, expecting people to thank me sort of way, but in the, just doing something good way.

i defeated some of my stigmas against homeless/poor people, just assuming them to be rude and obnoxious (which is in part due to the fact that many of them habitated the alley behind my old apartment, and boy were they obnoxious!). they were all very polite, and i really enjoyed it. you run the breakfast like a restaurant. first all the food is freshly made in the morning (apple pancakes, blueberry pancakes, plain pancakes, eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, orange juice, milk, toast, hash browns!). then, we have tables, set like a restaurant, and the people come in and sit down. each volunteer is assigned a table, and they get to “waitress” it. at each table, there is a little sheet that has all the options of food they can have, and they check it. the waitress picks up the sheet, hands it to the people putting the prepared food on the plate, while giving the “customer” their milk or juice. then when the food is ready, you deliver it to the table.

it’s so exciting!

sometimes they just run it like a cafeteria, where you’re like a “line cook” and you just give whatever food the person wants, to them, on their plate. but i liked the restaurant style much better.

i’m excited to begin volunteering at wtcs. i’m learning so much. and that’s such an exciting place to be. a lot things about domestic violence i already knew, but everything is still really exciting, and i’m sure there are lots of things i don’t know (legal/criminal aspect, options, ways to help clients). i also love how friendly everyone else is in social welfare programs/classes. not at all like english majors, who are so busy thinking they’re better than everyone else (and are not), that they can’t get their heads out of their asses (which makes it hard for any positive/interesting conversation!).

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