i should be in bed

i should be in bed, because i have class for 10 hours straight tomorrow. i never seem to have enough time to do the things i have to do. i’d like to show you my planner, but it’s so filled with little notes of things i have to do (work, volunteer, work out, school, study study study, shows, money!) that you wouldn’t be able to read it, even if i wanted you to.

this tuesday schedule is abominable (class from 8:10-6pm straight, with one 15 minute break. eek).

fall is setting in, and i’m so happy (though i need new clothes). i missed my pea coat, and i miss the color of the leaves. i love the cold, dismal, but beautiful rain, and the smell it leaves in the air.

everything is changing and falling apart simultaneously. i’m never ready for that, when it happens (and it happens all the time). i feel older than i ever have been, and more scared too. i think it comes with a profound sense of knowledge and the intense amount of responsibility i have found myself in lately.

i miss anything as much as coffee at radina’s, lately. just a sense of familiarity. do you understand? i’m terrible at keeping friendly relations, and i hope i can remember everyone i’ve ever met. actually, i wish more that they always remember.

i’d hate to be forgotten.

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