angry, still

i think at some point, i’d like to be able to finally actually believe the lyrics in this song. it’s a song i come back to, time and again, with it meaning a new, and more profound (and dare i say, painful) thing every time i hear it (which is not often).

she taught me how to wage a cold war / with quiet charm / but i just want to walk / through my life unarmed / to accept and just get by / like my father learned to do / but without all the acceptance and getting by / that got my father through

night falls like people into love / we generate our own light / to compensate /for the lack of light from above / every time we fight / a cold wind blows our way / but we learn like the trees / how to bend / how to sway and say

i, i think i understand / what all this fighting is for / and baby, i just want you to understand / that i’m not angry anymore / no, i’m not angry anymore

but i don’t feel that way now, and i don’t anticipate feeling that way anytime soon.

Angry Anymore – Ani Difranco

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