they don’t love you like i love you

My 8:10am class got out an hour early, which is all nice and great, except now I have nothing to do until my eleven o’clock class. So, I ventured to Milton’s in the downstairs of the Union (which, by the way is a total godsend. I cannot mention the number of times I thought the world was going to end, and I ate a yummy scone and some tea!), and got my regular tea/scone combo. But, here I am, with nothing to do, and I still have twenty minutes until class.

So, I was looking at GoogleNews, and found this article: A Look Back at Hillary’s Year in Pantsuits

Okay, so pantsuits aren’t the sexiest things in the world, but still. Hilary is pretty fuckin’ sweet, and I still wish she was our candidate. We’ll see. I’m still pro-Obama, just not to the point that everyone else I know is.

Apparently Glamour magazine does a spread on Hilary’s pant suits, and it’s multitudes of colors, “from fire-engine red to light lilac” with the headline reading, “Hillary, we loved your pantsuits!”
But as they put it, they (Glamour) may make fun of Clinton, but the spread is a “tribute to the woman who won 18 million votes in the Democratic presidential primary. The real message is, ‘You go, girl. You made all of us proud.’”

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