i’ve moved in! i love my new place. the incredible sense of freedom that i now have, and the fact that i only have to clean up after myself (and alex, but he helps a lot) is such a relief. i can’t do the roommate thing (except with maybe alex) as i have been taken advantage of too many time (did i mention i did ALL of the cleaning for checkout, minus my roommate’s room)?

anyway, i digress. i miss chicago, and i’m not really looking forward to school. i will be incredibly broke this next year (and pretty much am now), but i will be happier, i think. i’m looking forward to turning a leaf in finding myself. i have had the hardest time trying to discover new things about myself this last year, as i had no place to really be myself. between an apartment i hated, and a house that i was just a visitor in (alex’s), there was no place to escape and spend time with myself.

i am loving this.

so here we are! on to:

-studying all the time again
-cooking yummy food like lasagna and fish and pasta and brownies and salads
-being happy and content and productive

also: i finished the poisonwood bible, and it’s one of my favorite books ever. you must must must read it (i’m talking to you bri!) and you will love it (as i did).

additionally, i want to be a part of the phi alpha honor society, and i think i’m going to attempt to do it. it doesn’t seem too hard, i don’t think.

okay, i’m out, as i have no internet until the 1st and i’m leeching off of alex.

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