i’m back, and i miss chicago already.
it’s beautiful and i’m moving there as soon as possible.
i’m in love (with alex and chicago, both).

anyway, there are many pictures, viewable here:


museum of science and industry

chicago field museum

random chicago pictures

chicago art institute

ALSO: i met kid sister.

the story behind this is, she was in front of us in line at starbucks in wicker park, and i thought it was her and so did alex, and so as she was leaving we followed (casually) to the bus stop she was waiting at. i kindly interrupted her conversation with a friend and said, “i’m really sorry to interrupt your conversation, but you look familiar. are you kid sister?”

and it was, and she hugged me and we talked about lawrence, and topeka (she has family there) and alex and i were thrilled to meet her. it was amazing.

if you don’t know who she is, here you go:

and here:

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One Response to chicago

  1. wscott says:

    Kid Sister is great. How can you beat a cameo from Kanye? How do you like Cool Kids? All good music…

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