at long last…

…summer vacation.
i’ve been in school straight since aug ’06, and i can’t fucking take it anymore.
now, nothing but sweet relaaaaxation,
and no more fucking slavic folklore, ever.
except still working at the maxx (LAME).

things to look forward to:
-no school
-sweet drinks
-chicago ’08

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One Response to at long last…

  1. Renee says:

    I have been in school straight since August 2004; this summer is my 12th semester (counting summer sessions) at KU, and I was in college for 2 years prior to KU. Damn. That’s just too much school for a crappy undergraduate degree, and now I have 3 more years for my Master’s. Boo. I better be makin’ bank by the time I’m 60.

    Dude, we’re going to Chicago this summer too. Well, I don’t think “in 3 days” really counts as “this summer,” but…yeah. I’m scared (because we’re driving up there and I hate driving in cities) and excited all at once.

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