why i hate hate hate school:

i have an 89.4% in one of my classes, and because they won’t round up, i have to take a final i previously thought i didn’t have to. oh my god.

in other news, alex and i have been spending time getting to know each other again. what i mean by this is, i think often during school, it’s hard to focus on the other person in a relationship as much as you’d want to. i mean, between classes and school and homework and sleep (if you’re lucky), it’s hard to be able to spend that much needed time acquainting yourselves with each other. and i don’t mean in the, “hey, we started a new relationship, let’s get to know each other,” but more of the “hey, we do know each other, and let’s remember all the things we love about each other.” it’s refreshing, but it’s resulted in alex and i staying up until four or so in the morning, just talking. and while it’s been wonderful, it results in quite a lack of sleep.

oh, god, fuck poly sci.
i might just take the b and fuck it.
acccctually, i probably won’t do that.
which is an even worse realization.

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