gettin’ it (with weezy f. baby, of course)

when i think about it, blogging is such a bizarre concept.
the idea of putting your entire life out there so that everyone can read.
and i guess i’m a little upset that i decided to tell the WHOLE world about this “blog”, but regardless.

okay recap:

today is february 14th, the dreaded valentine’s day.
except i have a date,
and we’re going to go get sushi.

i’ve been sick with the flu all week (as has all of ku apparently).
102 fever, coughing, sneezing, pain, can’t breathe, can’t swallow, pain, suck.

i have a psych test tomorrow.
uh, i have nothing else to really report.

for your ears only:

“a little bit cooler”, the cool kids

ps: also in reference to the title of this entry: “gettin it (feat. the cooler)”, the cool kids

i ♥ them, a lot.


pps: i think i support hillary clinton. although, at this point, i don’t know if that’ll help. it’s not that i will be disappointed it obama wins, just that i don’t think he had the experience clinton has (or the bill she brings with her!).

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