a house you can call home.

I think I found the perfect apartment for next year:

Sea Gull Apartments


It’s $380 a month all utilities paid, except electricity.

In case you’re interested in pictures:


I hope they approve me.

List of things to get before moving in:

new sheet set/comforter
-ipod A/V cable
new bathroom things (towel/bathroom rug)
-new set of pots and pans
new kitchen utensils
new knives/forks/spoons
-new dresser (possibly, depending on size of the closet)
-printer & ink
-television (somehow?)

I’m going to try to get all these things before hand, so I don’t have a huge financial burden before I move in. So, if anyone has anything to offer me, I’d love to take them off your hands.

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One Response to a house you can call home.

  1. That’s exactly one block away from our apartment (we’re 24th and Redbud). I should tell you though, the Redbud area is pretty seedy. I remember reading an article a few years ago about how there was a rather high concentration of crime and drug dealing in this area, and while it has cleaned up some, it’s still not great. We’re going to move to some place nicer after this semester since we’re tired of having to be vigilant of our cars and apartment all the time (keep everything locked and always park in a well-lighted area).

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